Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

Forensic psychologist and expert witness

Forensic mental health evaluations and consultation, including expert testimony, can provide useful and objective information to Courts, attorneys, and professional licensing/regulatory boards, as well as Human Resources and Risk Management professionals on a broad range of referral issues in criminal, civil, family law, employment and immigration cases.

Our forensic psychologists (Dr. Bartlett, Dr. DeRight, Dr. FlowerDr. KellerDr. Marshall,  Dr. Monfared, Dr. Robinson, and Dr. Stejskal) provide assistance to these types of decision-makers on a variety of psycho-legal issues in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland courts, as well as courts and agencies across the Mid-Atlantic and Southern US.  We rely on a broad range of information and sources, and strive to reach formulations and opinions that are scientifically supportable, objective, and unbiased.

Our forensic psychologists have satisfied Virginia’s statutory requirements to be eligible for appointment as evaluating experts in the Commonwealth’s Circuit, General District, and Juvenile Courts in matters pertaining to Trial Competency (§§ 19.2-169.1 & 16.1-356), Mental State at the Time of the Offense (§§ 19.2-168.1 & 19.2-169.5), Sex Offender Risk Assessment (§§ 19.2-301 & 37.2-907) and Capital Mitigation (§§ 19.2-264.3:1 & 19.2-264.3:1.2).  These requirements include completion of specialized training offered at the University of Virginia’s Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy, and inclusion in the Directory of Mental Health Clinicians with Virginia Training in Forensic Evaluation.

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