Other Plans

If your insurance plan is something other than Anthem BCBS, Medicare, or TRICARE, you may still be able to use your benefits to see one of our providers.  Most PPO or POS plans provide benefits that can be used even when services are provided by a non-network provider.  We see many individuals, couples, and families whose insurance plans give them this option.

In such instances, you would make payment at the time of service, and we will provide you with monthly invoices that include all of the information that you will need to file your own claim for direct reimbursement from your plan.

Please check with your insurance plan administrator, or call the Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card to clarify the following:

  • Whether you have mental health coverage that allows you to see OUT OF NETWORK providers
  • The details of your coverage; for example, the portion of the allowed fee that will be paid by your plan, the amount of any out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., unmet deductible, copayment, co-insurance, etc.), limitations in the number of sessions/hours per year, etc.

We will do what we can to make it possible for you to use your healthcare benefits when meeting with one of our providers.

Please keep in mind that, when using any health insurance benefits, there are still likely to be some out-of-pocket costs that will be your responsibility, such as unmet deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and professional services not covered by your plan (e.g, services related to legal matters, writing special reports, etc.).  Payment of these costs is required prior to, or at the time of service.