Rita Romano, LCSW

Rita Romano, LCSWAvailability: Ms. Romano is available to schedule appointments with new clients on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

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Rita Romano has worked in a number of settings, including both inpatient and outpatient in public and private facilities. Her training involves the study of not only the individual, but also the systems within which the individual functions, such as the family and society. Although most traditional training in the mental health field focuses on pathology or sickness, Rita has been trained to promote wellness, and to build upon what is working in a person’s life.

In working with individuals, couples, or families, Rita sees herself as not so much the expert, but as a facilitator of change. She has a healthy respect for the complexities of life and relationships, and believes that people hold the solutions to the problems they face. Rita believes that once an individual focuses on specific areas of his or her life to change, it doesn’t take a long time to begin moving in a positive direction.

Rita grew up in Michigan and obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Michigan State University. She moved to the Northern Virginia region to pursue graduate work and received her Master’s degree in Developmental/Clinical Psychology at a satellite campus of Antioch University that used to be located in Columbia Maryland. She later obtained a second Master’s degree, this one in Social Work, from Catholic University of America and did a practicum at the Family Practice Center with Mary Ann Walters.

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or call 703.680-4200 x120