Contact Dr. Fitzgerald

Dr. Fitzgerald has limited availability for new psychotherapy and counseling referrals, but she would be happy to discuss with you the assistance that you are seeking, as well scheduling options with her or with one of our colleagues.

Use the form below to generate and send an email to Dr. Fitzgerald.  Please keep in mind that no email message is fully secure. For your privacy, please keep your email message brief and general, and do not go into extensive detail regarding your personal information, the reason’s for your visit, etc. There will be opportunities to discuss these sensitive matters with our professional staff in the privacy of their consulting room.

We encourage you to contact Dr. Fitzgerald by telephone for a more personalized response.  You can reach Dr. Fitzgerald by calling 703.690.4200 x100.  When leaving a private voicemail message, be sure to speak slowly and clearly, and please repeat your call back numbers, even if you believe that we already have your numbers.  Your voicemail message will be heard only by a member of our professional staff.

We make every effort to respond to new voicemail messages and new emails within 48 hours during the work week.  However, because email clients sometimes mis-route incoming emails, and because voicemail messages are sometimes unintelligible due of poor mobile connections, please reach out to us again if you have not heard back from us within a day or two of your initial communication.  We want very much to respond to you, but our technologies sometimes fail us.