Dr. Allison Schechter


Dr. Schechter is accepting referrals for forensic evaluations. She is not currently accepting new therapy clients.

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Dr. Allison Schechter is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist practicing in Virginia and Illinois. She has a Sex Offender Evaluator license in Illinois and she has been conducting Sexually Violent Persons evaluations and providing expert testimony in Illinois since 2010.

Dr. Schechter conducts Forensic Mental Health Evaluations, including Competency to Stand Trial, Sanity at the Time of the Offense, Presentence Mitigation, Psychosexual Evaluations, and Sexual and Violence Risk Assessments. Dr. Schechter provides forensic consultation, forensic evaluations, and expert testimony and opinions in criminal and civil legal matters.

After completing a pre-doctoral internship at Fulton State Hospital in Missouri, Dr. Schechter earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2007 from Argosy University/Phoenix. She worked in the Minnesota Security Hospital, as well as in a clinical and forensic private practice in Washington State where she conducted forensic evaluations including Competency to Stand Trial, Diminished Capacity, and Social Security Disability. She completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Elgin Mental Health Center Forensic Treatment Program in Illinois where she served as a psychologist on an Unfit to Stand Trial unit.

Dr. Schechter worked as a Sexually Violent Persons (SVP) Evaluator with Wexford Health Sources, an agency that contracts with the Illinois Department of Corrections. She has testified in court as an expert witness in SVP trials, depositions, and hearings since 2010. She has been qualified as an expert in Sex Offender Evaluation and Risk Assessment in multiple counties throughout Illinois. Dr. Schechter maintains a contract with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office where she continues her work as a Sexually Violent Persons evaluator. Dr. Schechter is also a forensic consultant with the Cold Case Foundation.

Email Dr. Schechter or call 703.680.4200 x126