Dr. Brian Levine

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I know that by the time most people are seeking a therapist, they have been struggling with a significant challenge that has not gotten better with time, effort, or the help of family and friends. As a clinical psychologist, I am passionate about connecting with people in that stuck place for which there are no easy answers and working together to find solutions.

I believe the key ingredient in my work is my capacity to establish a trusting, cooperative, confidential, safe, and non-judgmental partnership between two equally essential experts. You are the expert on your own experiences, while I provide expertise built over the past twenty years in the science of how individuals, couples, and families can make positive changes in reducing suffering and maximizing well-being. Building on our partnership, I collaborate with you by identifying those obstacles that are getting in the way of your feeling good and effective in life, and then developing a tailored plan for removing those obstacles. All along, we exchange feedback openly to determine what works and what doesn’t work.

I have worked with teens, adults, and families facing a broad range of challenges, often persisting for many years. This experience has led to my conviction that no matter how hopeless someone feels when I meet them, it is possible for them to feel good again – sometimes better than they did before the problem started. I have developed special expertise in working with people with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, reactions to trauma, attention deficits, addictions, and relationship challenges at both work and home. I have also been sought out to supervise and train other clinicians at all levels, consulted on expert panels for large systems, and designed and evaluated an intensive acute-care partial hospital program.

I received undergraduate and graduate level training from some of the field’s recognized experts at the University of California, Berkeley and then at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. For the past 12 years, I have worked as a mental health specialist and supervisor with the Community Services Board in Fairfax County. I am proud to be joining the talented group of professionals at the Woodbridge Psychological Associates.

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