About Us

We are a group of experienced Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Therapists in central Prince William County, Virginia offering therapy and counseling servicespsychological testing, couple therapy, forensic mental health evaluations, and other mental health services for adults, children, families, and organizations.

To schedule an appointment, reach out to one of our professional staff directly.  Each member of our staff does their own scheduling; we do not have a centralized intake/scheduling process.  This ensures the confidentiality of your information.

Our Approach

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our experienced team has developed a range of specialties to provide effective evaluation and treatment services to children, teens and adults in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

In psychotherapy and counseling, we tailor our treatment plans and our treatment modalities to meet your individual needs.  Psychological testing and forensic mental health evaluations utilize multi-method assessment procedures to address important diagnostic questions relevantly and reliably.

Meet our licensed providers

Claudia Bailey, LCSW

Claudia Bailey, LCSW

Ms. Bailey specializes in Psychotherapy with adults and adolescents, trauma-informed therapy, CBT, DBT, treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, life events, academic and social problems.

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Brandie Bartlett, PsyD

Brandie Bartlett, PsyD

Dr. Bartlett specializes in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations, Psychological Testing, Autism Evaluation, Educational Evaluations, Pre-bariatric psychological evaluations, immigration evaluations, pre-adoption evaluations

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703-680-4200 x122

Jonathan DeRight, PhD

Jonathan DeRight, PhD

Dr. DeRight specializes in Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluation, Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluation, Expert Witness, IMEs, Fitness for Duty, Competency to Stand Trial, Sanity at the Time of the Offense, Forensic Mental Health Evaluation, Baseline Neuropsychological Evaluation 

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Karen Fitzgerald, PhD

Karen Fitzgerald, PhD

Dr. Fitzgerald specializes in Psychotherapy with adults, trauma-informed therapy, grief, Adult Children of Alcoholics

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703-680-4200 x100

Travis Flower, JD, Psy.D.

Travis Flower, JD, PsyD

Dr. Flower specializes in Psychotherapy with adults (Cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy), Forensic Mental Health Evaluations (Violence Risk Assessments, Sex Offender Evaluations, Immigration Evaluations), and Substance Abuse Assessments

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703-680-4200 x140

Irene Guya-Allen, PhD

Irene Guya-Allen, PhD

Dr. Guya-Allen specializes in Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnostic Evaluations with adults and adolescents, as well as Forensic Mental Health Evaluations (Violence Risk Assessments, Sex Offender Evaluations, Pre-sentencing Evaluations, and Immigration Evaluations)

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703-680-4200 x106

Shauna Keller, PsyD

Shauna Keller, PsyD

Dr. Keller specializes Adult forensic mental health evaluations, mitigation evaluations, sex offender treatment and psychosexual risk assessments, violence risk assessments, psychological testing, military service related disability evaluations, pre-employment psychological evaluations, and fitness for duty evaluations.

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703-680-4200 x113

Brian Levine, Psy.D.

Brian Levine, PsyD

Dr. Levine specializes in Psychotherapy with adults and adolescents; CBT, trauma-informed therapy..

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Jennifer Marshall, PhD

Jennifer Marshall, PhD

Dr. Marshall specializes in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations.

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Sahair Monfared, PsyD

Sahair Monfared, PsyD

Dr. Monfared specializes in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations.

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703-680-4200 x103

Katherine Robinson, PsyD

Katherine Robinson, PsyD

Dr. Robinson specializes in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations.

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Rita Romano, LCSW

Rita Romano, LCSW

Ms. Romano specializes in Counseling, and Couple and Family Counseling.

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703-680-4200 x120

William Stejskal, PhD

William Stejskal, PhD

Dr. Stejskal specializes in Forensic Mental Health Evaluations and Consultation, including capital mitigation. mental state at the time of the offense (sanity and diminished capacity) in cases involving emerging/early psychosis, violence risk assessment, and case consultation with attorneys (defense and Government).

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703-680-4200 x101

Dr. Laeli Wilson, Psy.D.

Dr. Wilson specializes in conducting psychological evaluations for a range of legal matters, as well as for clinical and diagnostic purposes.

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703-680-4200 x105

Our Availability

Located midway between the communities of Manassas and Woodbridge, we are accessible to the Northern Virginia and Metropolitan Washington, DC areas.  We participate in several large insurance plans, and offer flexible hours to suit the demands of your busy life.  Our building and suite are fully accessible and ADA compliant.

All services are offered by appointment only.  Each of our providers maintains their own schedule so, after you have reviewed the information below regarding their areas of specialization, please reach out to them directly to discuss setting up an appointment.